“The tracks on the album as a whole, paint wonderful canvasses of time past and present, places full of dreams, memories and life experience. Kenneth Paul Cooper has a wonderful ability to take those feelings and cohesively set them to intricate melodies which enhance the lyrics, taking the songs to another level.

​One might call him a poet through song, this album certainly has me recalling some of the great singer-songwriters of the past who pulled their audiences in to their intimate performances. Kenneth and producer David Essig, have managed to capture this intimate atmosphere.  I will remember the Place & Time  that I first pressed play and be thankful I became acquainted with Kenneth Paul Cooper and his work.”     Stevie Connor, Blues & Roots Radio

“I had the honour and pleasure of producing and performing on Ken’s most recent cd and I can attest to his fine songwriting and excellent performance skills.  Ken’s songs have a wonderfully measured lyricism to them … with trenchant images that carry his narratives beautifully.”      David Essig