“… songs that engage the mind and relax the soul …”

Kenneth Paul Cooper is a singer and writer whose original songs are lyrical reflections on life, purpose and meaning, embedded in well-crafted melodies. Showing rich and diverse musical influences, Kenneth’s songs draw on the dynamic energy of a life filled with experience.

Unlike so many songwriters and performers Kenneth doesn’t overpower but instead draws the listener closer. It is precisely at this place that Kenneth appears to be the most comfortable.  Renowned for his ability to establish a warm, fun-loving, and interactive rapport with audiences, Kenneth is not constrained by any particular genre – he is the quintessential singer-songwriter.

“… your heart just booms out! Your music is really beautiful.”

Born in London, England, Kenneth immigrated to Canada with his parents and grew up in Saskatoon, where he absorbed the same influences and sensibilities as his 1960’s songwriting contemporaries.  Kenneth has performed at Coffee Houses, Jazz and Blues Clubs, and in Concert, in Canada and abroad. In 2001 he made an artistic pilgrimage to his birthplace to renew his commitment to songwriting and performing in the clubs of London. Upon return to Canada, Kenneth rapidly earned renown as the warm-spirited host of “Ken Cooper & Friends”, a weekly live music venue in Victoria BC.  After moving to Campbell River in 2007, Kenneth renewed his focus on song writing and performing around Vancouver Island and in the United Kingdom, and through the release of his 2014 album This Lovers Dance.  In the spring of 2017, he relocated to Eastern Ontario where he is now reaching a new and appreciative audience and continues to enhance his reputation as a respected writer and engaging performer. 

Everything is so consistently…touching.”

Kenneth’s new CD album, Place & Time, to be released in early 2018, was produced and engineered by Canadian roots music icon, David Essig.  Essig, who plays a featured instrumental role on the album, describes Kenneth as, “a fine songwriter, singer and guitarist” who “really understands and celebrates the nuances of presenting live acoustic music  … plus he’s a heck of a nice guy”.  The dynamic of Kenneth’s vocals and guitar recorded with no overdubs, coupled with Essig’s brilliant ability to capture and enhance the authenticity of each performance, produces a remarkable warmth and sensitivity.  It is as if we are there with Kenneth as intimate companions sharing conversation and experience – in some place at some time.