Gigs in Digs

Organize an intimate, unforgettable evening of original music – in your digs!

People have asked me “how can we organize an intimate performance for our friends and family to hear your original music?”  That is the beginning of a conversation about what I refer to as “Gigs in Digs”.  IMG_1299

If you would like to host an event like this, read below and then get in touch with me!

To get started, here are some ideas – FAQs – to make your idea work …

What do I need to host a House Concert?

All you need to host a fantastic night of music is:  some friends, family and personal contacts; a decent sized room that can comfortably accommodate 15 or more people; lots of chairs (or even bean bags and cushions); a space for potluck snacks and drinks (some people like to cook for the evening – it’s up to you); and you need a ‘Merch Table’.

Hosts often accommodate musicians overnight or arrange somewhere for them to stay with other folks.  That is something we would discuss, depending on the circumstance.

Do I need sound equipment?

I will provide a compact sound system suited for a small space.  You can arrange the room so that your guests can enjoy the concert like a small theatre.

What about the noise from everybody snacking and talking?

These are ‘house concerts’ not ‘house parties’.  Gigs in Digs often turn into parties when the show is over, but the actual show is attended like going to a theatre or other venue.

What happens before and after the concert?

You should organise a space (usually the kitchen) where guests can put their potluck snacks/drinks and chat with me during the intermission or at the end of the evening.

You would also have a table or other space available for CD’s and any other merchandise for sale: The Merch Table! Please tell your guests that I will be selling CDs.

What is the flow of the evening?

The evening can be flexible and planned for the convenience of the hosts.  A typical house concert would open the ‘doors’ for guests at 7pm.  When people arrive, they can mingle, snack and drink and get comfortable in the performance space.

There will usually be 2 sets of music, each running for about 30-40 minutes. During the intermission and after the show the guests can enjoy the company of friends, family, and new acquaintances – and me.

What about an admission cost – how much should it be?

Admission is usually made by donation from guests; I suggest between $10-20 each.  But people can be as generous as they wish to be. House concerts are organized like old-time “soirees” when musicians performed in intimate home surroundings under the auspices of folks who wanted to support and share great art and performance.

What are some other benefits of Gigs in Digs?

A house concert is a unique and fun way to strengthen ties with family, friends and the community through music. By supporting independent artists and original music, events like these provide an extraordinary, shared experience.

If you would like to create such an experience, then contact me.

I sure look forward to visiting with you and performing soon at your digs!

WHAT:  Gigs in Digs is an intimate, acoustic show comprised of two sets of 35 – 45 minutes each.  So, allow about 2 hours to include an interactive intermission.

WHERE:  Gigs in Digs is formatted for house concerts or similar intimate venues.

BOOK:  Gigs in Digs for a date at your home by contacting Kenneth on the contact page; through Facebook; or by telephone at 1-250-202-6335.