Drawing On The Strength Of Others

The importance of connection, confidence and trust has been particularly true throughout the experience of bringing the new album, Place & Time, to fruition and I thought it would be a great idea to introduce some other people who have become connected and played an active role in furthering the project to date.  Each of these people has applied a unique and creative point of view to their contribution.  And, those contributions are not finished!

OK – once the final mixes of the tracks on an album are done, those tracks need to be ‘mastered’ and I had the great fortune to connect with David Travers-Smith in Toronto.  Synchronicity offered that David’s studio, Found Sound, was a five minute walk from my daughter’s house and I had plans to visit her right after the final mixes were done.  David, a soft spoken guy who generously welcomed Nickie and me to his studio, has done a wonderful job of completing this important stage for the album!

Songs, when they are well written, already create personal visual images for the listener.  But, at the same time, it is important to have a graphic representation and packaging for those songs that enhances the words and music.  Well then, step in Janine Stoll (Janine Stoll Media and the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary).  Janine is a fine songwriter and performer from Brantford who is designing the layout of the album.  Janine’s visual concept demonstrates her sensitive understanding and interpretation as a fellow musician – and makes the fabric of the project stronger.

Needing photographs to be part of Janine’s vision, I was introduced to Tanya Trombetta of The Creative Nest in Kingston.  Tanya took our requirements for photos and structured a shoot that “fit” so well.  Man, did we have fun on that shoot!  So, this post has photos that Nickie took of Tanya taking photos.  Did I mention we had fun?

Soon all these components of the album will come together in the final “product” and I will be sharing it through live performance releases, radio play and social media posts.

That means another new friend will be working with me on the promotion process.  Allison Brown, from Windsor, is a wonderful performer in her own right, a radio host, a promoter, and someone who encourages her fellow musicians with heart, dedication and skill.

You can see the team of new friends who have supported and encouraged me in this project.  I learned once more the value of reaching out to others to contribute their strength – knowing that they too have drawn or will draw on the strength of others at some point in time.

My friend, the Laichwiltach artist Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson, uses the phrase “standing together in support of each other”.  I sure hope that this post gives you a sense of how the new album, Place & Time, benefits from the contributions of artists who accepted my invitation to stand with me.  

Stay tuned for news about the songs that are included on the album in the next post and for news about the release and my mini-tour with David Essig.  Soon!