I Came Across A Photograph

I have been accused on many occasions of being a romantic.  Indeed, I was asked in a radio interview whether the songs on my last album, This Lovers Dance, were about my wife.  It seems only natural that we look for the meaning and motivation behind a song or a story; especially a story that may trigger personal associations.

A good writer draws on life experience and it is my conviction that all songs are “first person” songs.  I would answer, as I did in that interview, and with a broad grin, that the complexity of the song-writer’s task is to work on many levels to help us understand the who, what, where and when of the story in a manner that we can ourselves connect that story to where we are, where we have been, and where we hope to be.  The song-writer pictures and describes events and settings, and often a muse, to accomplish that.

So, the fourth song on the new album Place & Time had a very literal genesis: I came across a photograph from our wedding.  The photo shows such sweetness and anticipation – hope – at the beginning of a shared life.  As I reflected on the events of our marriage, I began the process of constructing a story about a photograph and the memory images that it might trigger for a narrator as protagonist.  I used the juxtaposition of hope and fear to frame the evolution of the relationship with the challenge, the threat, of a conflict event.  Relationships that continue over time are filled with that juxtaposition.  The lyrics and the melody of the verses and the bridge are also meant to reiterate a wistful counter balance.

In whatever way The Hope Of Friends rings true for you, my intent is that the response to the song will be meaningful and personal.  Then I will have done my job.

Album Release News!

Place & Time is now out to radio stations and will soon be available online.  Check out the song Riding To St. Ives by going to the home page; and check out the SHOWS link to see the CD release concerts planned for Gananoque in Eastern Ontario.  I will add more live shows for this spring and summer – so stay tuned!

And watch for the next NEWS post about the song Paris I Remember.